April 13, 2011 – Final Letter from Russia

Well… this is it….

In wrapping everything up here, I cannot completely express my emotions.

On the “exciting missionary news” side, I forgot to mention last week that we found a miraculous new investigator– Yustina. She came to an English sign up a few weeks back and she expressed desire to learn more about the church. We started meeting with her and she described how she felt during the spiritual thought at English club– a warm, happy feeling inside; i just love being here. She described the moments in the Russian Orthodox church that really bother her, and we were happy to tell her about what we believe on those topics (baptism for infants, praying through icons, etc.). She is full of light and is a really happy person. She also has a husband and she told us that he’s catholic. We were suprised when he showed up on one of the meetings when we talked about the Book of Mormon and watched the Restoration. We thought her husband would not be supportive of her, but instead, when we read some verses from the Book of Mormon he opened up to us: “wow– in my life i’ve always just said “i don’t have time for religion,” but really it was just because i didn’t understand any of it. This that we just read– that’s how I feel about prayer in my heart– and it’s phrased so wisely and perfectly. I’ll definitely read this book.”

We had the senior couple, Elder and Sister Rolfe, with us on that meeting and they testified to the young couple of the love that they see within their relationship– how much Yustina’s husband respects her and how in this church they’ll find more happiness as a family and as husband and wife than they could even imagine. The spirit was super strong and crying took place.

It gets better. The next meeting they unexpectedly invited a friend, Sveta, to English with them and we had a lesson afterwords with Sveta. That resulted in Sveta asking at the end “alright, so this book… you guys sell it? how much does it cost?” (while we started to explain that it’s free, her friend, Yustina, jumped on that one: “I’ll sell one to you!”) 🙂

So that’s a little taste of what I’m experiencing here my last few days in Irkutsk.

Reflecting back on these past two years I’m simply in awe. I feel like I’ve just experienced first hand one of the most beautiful, simple, complex masterpiece. Simply looking at how things were in the beginning and how they ended up– it’s all so perfect. I think that’s one of the major lessons that I’ve learned serving on a mission for the Lord Jesus Christ– His hand is in everything; the hardest times and the happiest times. It’s only a matter of patience and faith, and then he’ll show us. Life has meaning, everyday things have meaning. All it takes is the right perspective– trying to see through “heaven’s eyes” (to quote a song that Elder Sage Petersen likes a lot), following the footsteps of the Savior and everything becomes clear. We are built to understand things and to learn, and we can know truth– God intends us to learn truth.

Thank you all for your support and thanks to anyone who read this since I’ve left home. Thanks to those of you who gave me some advice and encouragement these last few days/weeks. Thank you so much for all the letters and packages you sent me– there was no way to respond to everything you all sent. Some of it i tried to respond to and I have a stack of unsent letters– sorry. But know that your testimony and written thoughts gave me strength and reasons to smile when things were hard on the mission.


…i guess I’ll see you guys in a few days….


–Elder Tyler Froelich


3 Responses to April 13, 2011 – Final Letter from Russia

  1. Nicole Petersen says:

    Dear Elder Froelich,

    We really enjoyed reading your posts while you were on your mission. Our son was one of your companions -Elder Sage Petersen. Welcome home! We wish the very best for you and please know that if you ever want to come to the Pacific Northwest, you always have a place to stay in our home.


    Nicole and Kevin Petersen

  2. vicki bennett says:

    Hello, my son just recently got called to the Novosibirsk mission, he ran onto this blog and would read it all the time , it really helped him to get ready for his mission. His name is Alex Bennett, he left for the MTC April 6th,he seems to be excited and positive. I myself am a nervous wreck. RUSSIA, I couldn’t believe it when he opened the call. It’s sooooo cold there. Anyway thanks for your uplifting remarks and telling of your great experience. I hope I can run onto another Elders blog that is in Novosibirsk until my own son gets there in July. Take Care and good luck in your future. Vicki Bennett

  3. Talon Miller says:

    Unbelievable. I’m so grateful I found this blog! I just got called to serve in Novosibirsk Mission TONIGHT! I’m so blessed with this opportunity and this blog will help me a lot. Thanks!
    Leaving to the MTC July 17th, 2013.
    Talon Miller

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