Russia – April 7, 2011

Dear All,

Wow, so much stuff has happened, I don’t even know where to start. Here we go– for starters, I talked to the office and they told me about some complications in my flight plans home– so I’ll know dates and times soon, but as of right now I’ll get home probably on either the 20th or the 21st. But I’ll have concrete information hopefully by next week.

It’s really wild serving in Irkutsk having so little time left on my mission. There are lots of things that weigh on my mind lately and I find myself generally more tired. I feel pretty stressed; not going to lie, but things are doing really well in general and I’m really enjoying this last bit of time on my mission.

I just got back at midnight from Zone Leaders’ Conference. I flew to ZLC with my companion and the elders from Ulan Ude. It was quite a mind blowing experience for me.

For starters, as we drove through the city of Novosibirsk my heart rejoiced in seeing all the familiar streets, buildings, monuments, etc. I was really lucky and was able to make it for the last part of English club! 😀
I walked in right when they were starting up closing announcements and was welcomed by a round of applause. I was greeted by familiar faces of great friends who I missed dearly. It was so awesome to be back and get to talk to everyone again (there were some people who weren’t there that I really was hoping to see…. but just in general if any of you end up reading this who didn’t get to see me while I was in Novo– большой привет вам!). (And a special shout out to Kostya, who, I found out, reads this blog. 🙂 He’s a great friend and I was really lucky to be able to talk with him for while while I was in Novo. Thanks, man.)

And then the next day ZLC started and I was able to see all the zone leaders– all my great friends and old companions and old zone members– shuffle in to the mission house. I can’t even express how great of an experience it was to get a “one last time” at ZLC. I could go on writing about it for the rest of the email, but I won’t.

And then we got on a plane back to Irkutsk. This time it was a propellar plan that creaked when we turned and that vibrated and roared loudly for the 4 hour flight back to our area. And now I’m back.

It’s hard to find what to write about, even. I’m overwhelmed with gratitude and awe for the way that God is so involved in everything. All of the rough times in life are definitely worth those precious moments when you see unfolded before you the reasoning and the intention of it all. It’s such a beautiful plan and it’s such a beautiful Gospel.

–Elder Tyler Froelich


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