Russia– March 23, 2011 (see also March 16 post, just posted)


Well i’m running low on time because of these stupid computers (i spent too much time trying to attach photos for you guys).

This last week was really good– lots of difficulties and lots of success.

We went to an opera for culture night on Saturday– Madam Butterfly. πŸ™‚ That’s on my bucket list (things I need to do before I die) and I was really happy to be able to cross that one off on my mission. I was super impressed by the opera. It was so intense– so much emotion. I think I’ll be getting more into that kind of stuff later down the road.

The big thing this last week was an experience that taught me that when we do all that we can and pray hard and search the scriptures and have a righteous cause– things work out. We had a difficult meeting with Leonid that really weighed down on my mind and stressed me out a lot. I didn’t know what else to do. The next day when we met with him, it seems that he had been thinking a lot about things that night too, and he really had a change of heart. He actually even expressed his desire to be baptized! πŸ™‚

We’ll get transfer calls on friday and i’ll find out what my last group of missionaries is that i’ll be serving with. I’ll probably stay here in Krasno, i’m assuming with my current companion, but we might be in a 3-some.

Thanks for letters– i got one from zoe and one from Grandpa Harlan. I really appreciate the support!

(we didn’t end up going to the zoo. i’m pretty bummed about it. hopefully i’ll pull it off before I finish my mission.)

–Elder Froelich


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