March 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Grandpa and Isaac!
And thank you all who sent me mail! I got mail from the Insbrook YW, Taegan, Caitlin, Emily and Jeff and family, a package from the fam, and a dear elder from Sister Warnick.  Thanks– I love getting mail and being kept up to date with what’s happening in your lives.
This last week was a pretty miraculous one. Wow, thinking back to what I haven’t written you guys about– there’s a lot that’s happened.
I’ll start off with the baptism on Saturday.  An investigator of the Zone Leaders was baptized on Saturday.  We invited lots of our investigators to the baptism.  I called Michael (who had previously not answered our calls for about 2 weeks) and he picked up! (he lost his phone for 2 weeks or something) and I invited him to the baptism.  Also, Leonid, a guy who showed up at church randomly to find out what the church was all about.  I was happy when I saw Leonid show up– we met with him a few minutes before the baptism and when we came out of the meeting– there was Michael! I was very happy to see him, seeing as we’d not seen him for about 2.5 weeks.  He was also pretty happy about seeing us– he embraced us and gave us a man kiss on the neck.
The baptism went great– the moment that made my day was when we nearing the end of the baptism.  The branch president allowed Peter, who was baptized, to share his testimony, and then he allowed anyone else you’d like to congradulate Peter to come forward.
Michael’s hand shot up and he immediately stood and walked towards the front of the room.  (now you have to imagine this guy– he’s a big manly, burly guy with black hair and a big moustache, very straightforward and lively) He said “I want to congradulate you on your baptism! I know that this was a good decision you’ve made! I just want to share with you all that since the Elders found me and since I’ve read the Book of Mormon I’ve decided to quit smoking.  And I asked God to help me– not to just help me quit, but to make it so that I just hate cigarettes– and you know what happened? I suddenly felt like I never smoked a cigarette in my entire life.  Congradulations, Peter, on your baptism; I wish you great spirituality and I know that you’ll be happy being a member of this church!”
I was beaming. Others went up to congradulate, but no one really beat out Michael.  The day after the baptism he also came to church (although he came to the 2pm meeting instead of the 10am meeting) and we hope to meet with him again today.
Also Leonid– he’s progressing very well.  Please keep him in your prayers.  He’s struggling and thinking a lot about what we’ve told him so far about the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith and prophets.  He’s a very sincere man and he’s trying to find the truth.  I’ll have to tell you more about him later; some amazing things have been happening.
Also there was Zone Conference. My last. Ehh. I stood up at the end of zone conference (they made me) as my zone and some great APs (McConnaughey and Rupper) and President Trejo and his wife sang “God be with you till we meet again.”  What a weird experience.
Lots of other great things happened this last week too, I just can’t cover them all; i’m out of time.
I love you all so much
thanks for your support and prayers.
–elder tyler froelich


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