Russia – February 9, 2011

This week I’ve continued my study of the Savior’s life (Jesus the Christ, The Living Christ, the Gospel from John).  I had the opportunity to bear my testimony in Sacrament meeting about the reality of the Savior’s life; especially the way that studying his life seems to illuminate my life.  It’s been amazing for me as I’ve read and studied more indept the miracles and teachings of Christ– I’ve found myself trying to visualize what it would have been like to be there when those things happened.

Our zone has set a big goal together, which is requiring a tough working schedule for my companion and I.  We’re trying this week to leave the house before studies to be able to talk to fathers who are on their way to work, to hopefully get their phone number or address to return later in the evening and teach them with their families.  So far we’ve had some really interesting conversations, including us being told an incorrect address which in turn lead to us walking into a pretty shocking apartment building (shocking because of how dirty and dark it was, the amount of young kids sitting around doing nothing, the amount of activity of furnature going in and out of the place, and the number of girls walking around the place wearing not very much clothing), discussions about why you don’t need to baptize your cat, friendly people who were scared to meet with us but loved talking to us in the cold, and some promising contacts that we’ll go and try to meet with later this week.

We had a short meeting last night with an amazing man named Valentine.  He is very smart, calm, and — he’s just the kind of guy that you’d love to have a civilized meaningful conversation with.  We discussed that we lived with God before this life, and that God created a plan that was perfect enough, with enough rewards at the end that we would agree to come down to this crazy world– fully knowing the kind of suffering and the chances that we would have to return and “make it”.  I love imagining being part of the group of God’s children that realized the risk of the situation and that decided that there was enough hope that our older brother could atone for all the rest of us to go to Earth and follow the plan.

I tend to think a lot about things I’d like to do when I get home these days. It’s something that I really haven’t had to seriously deal with up until this point on my mission.  It’s not a bad thing, but it’s just another one of the millions of ridiculous mental games that serving a mission includes.

Thanks for emails, pictures, songs, talks, support, news about Architecture in Helsinki, wishes for me to have a happy Weezer day, and lists being created of things to do with Elder Froelich when he gets home!

–Elder Tyler Froelich

Hey, PS. Last week after I emailed you guys, my companion and I went to a moving dinosaur exhibit! IT WAS AMAZING! Maybe I’ll attach some photos– i don’t know how much time is left in this email session.  But I got to see moving plastic dinosaurs last week– that’s enough of an update for you, mom, about how i’m doing mentally, emotionally and physically lately. 🙂

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