February 2, 2011

Dear All,

I’ve had a really good last few days. It was a big downer for me to be out and be sick for so long, but something changed as I sat down and decided to find ways to use my time much more effectively as I recover and as my companion catches my sickness. I started to read more heavily from Jesus the Christ and I’m getting to parts that are really interesting to me. I also started working on my goal to memorize the Living Christ in Russian before the end of my mission. I memorized it in English several years back as a Sunday School challenge and I got a huge bag of M&M’s for it. In Russian I’ve been working on it for 2 days and I have the first 3 paragraphs done already– almost half way. Also, after listening to the talk that Ryan Edmunds sent me along with another talk called the Meaning of the Atonement, my time at home has been filled with meaningful thoughts about the Savior’s life and his Atonement. It’s amazing how much more colorful and meaningful and deep life gets when you increase your study about the Savior’s life. I find myself thinking about Him more than ever and my thoughts are more uplifting and positive. It has brought me a new burning desire to teach others about Christ and his Atonement, and it has given me a lot of strength through the frustrating times where I’m too sick to meet with our investigators. I’m getting over the sickness– probably just a couple more days, but my companion is hitting it hard now.

We had a meeting with Michael on Friday. It was interesting. I felt totally, as the slang termonology goes, pwnd, after that lesson. It went for 2 hours. That man has a remarkable gift of talking and not stopping. He told us about his job– which is very interesting. I don’t know what it is in English, but he uses zodiac signs and stuff to heal people. He knows tons of stuff, he had brought his wife again and this time was in a nice suit and tie. He’s a respectable guy and just has some really interesting quirks about him. We really paired him up with the right member because the branch president is VERY excited for this man’s progress. We have another meeting with him today, we’ll see how it goes. He knows his stuff about the Book of Mormon– he told us all about how Joseph Smith got the plates and everything. The branch president told him more about temples and how we can be sealed not only for this life but also for the life to come. I was overwhelmed by the end of the lesson– it was a lot of vocab that was new to me and he just talked so much. I read after that meeting in Jesus the Christ about the parable of the pearl of great price. The parable is about a man who collects pearls for a living, always searching for the best pearl. When he finds this pearl of great price, he sells all his other pearls and precious things to get this one pearl of great price. I think it’ll have to be the same way with Micheal. This man has lots of knowledge about spiritual things, but he realizes that he’s found something that is on a completely higher level. It’ll really just be a matter of if he’s willing to give away all of his other notions and previous beliefs for the Restored Gospel. He’s an interesting guy.

Another really cool event happened. Yesterday we went out to find a new apartment. The realators were these two girls– probably about 27 years old. The first thing they said to us was “do you have to be wearing those name tags? can you take them off when we go in?” They then went on to tell us how we should tell the landlady that we’re students in the city– we shouldn’t say anything about Jesus Christ. As we talked a lot with them about what we do in the city and how we’re not really interested in lying to the landlady upfront, it became aparent that it wasn’t so much that the land lady was afraid of “cultist” but it was these girls that thought we sacrifice animals in our apartment and do really weird things. We had a lot of time with these girls as we were waiting for the land lady to return to sign for the apartment– we ended up showing them our pictures, talking about our families, and about our church and our missions. I was able to teach several principles of the Gospel to them, including prayer, the word of wisdom, and, yes, the law of chastity. I think they’ll come to English club– they seemed intrigued about a lot of things about us. It was a really interesting evening. But it was great to see how they changed as they found out more about us and how normal we are.

anyway, i’m out of time. i love you all– i’ll get mail in two days, so hopefully i’ll get letters and packages that you guys have sent me in the past little bit.

–elder froelich

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