Russia 1/26/2011

Well, a lot has happened the past few days:

I got my visa renewed in Helsinki
I started getting sick
I was sick all day on Tuesday (with some sort of a cold– nothing to worry about, mom)
2 sister missionaries from the zone here in Krasnoyarsk die (go home to America) today
We changed apartments today (we may be moving again in just a week though… it’s complicated)

Also, later today we have a meeting with Michael– it’ll be our second meeting.

So, with the sickness and moving and sisters dying and all, I’m kind of overwhelmed.

Finland was a lot of fun– we met up with my friend Juha who I met last trip and he made us an authentic Finnish meal (a delicious salad, meat loaf, mashed potatoes, Finnish bread, and to top it all off, traditional Finnish licorice icecream).  It was awesome and probably the best meal I’ve had since…. in a long time.

We also got to go to the temple in Finland. I honestly don’t know if I’ll ever make it back to that country again– we’ll see. It’s pretty strange– I know the city of Helsinki better than I know Krasnoyarsk.

Thanks for the mp3s, Brother Edmunds and Justin!  and just a reminder that if you guys send me any mp3’s, i have a very very easy way of listening to them right now. So the best way to send any music to me for the next few months is via email.

–Elder Tyler Froelich  

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