Russia – January 19, 2010

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Some of you have been asking me about sending me music! Exciting news! We’ve got this super cool cd player here that has an input for flash drives. So– all you have to do to send me music is to email me the mp3’s and i’ll save them on this little guy here and I plug them in and we’re good to go.  So any mormon tabernacle choir, any classical music, any interesting conference talks or any other mp3 that you think i might enjoy– send it my way!  (worse comes to worse if it’s not “appropriate” music then I delete it and/or don’t listen to it). (this could also be voice recorded messages… just a thought i had…) (it plays WAV and MP3)

Also, I’m heading to Finland tomorrow! It’ll be my last visa trip– which is pretty wild.  I don’t have a “death date” yet, for those of you who have asked. But the last day I can legally be in the country is 90 days from tomorrow.  So either in exactly 90 days or even a few days before that (it’ll be close to 90 though).  I’ll let you all know when they give me my official date.

My new companion is so awesome.  Elder Petersen. He’s from Seattle, he listens to the same music that I do (except for we don’t have a ton of bands in common– we’re both striking gold by exchanging music recommendation lists), he has the most bizzare stories ever, he was in my zone in Novosibirsk, and we get along great.  I’m really excited to be serving with him.

This week while we were walking around outside, my companion stopped a certain moustached man and told him that we have a message about God’s plan.  We talked to this man for about 2 minutes.  Within those two minutes he was intrigued to hear about the Book of Mormon, clarified that “oh, so you guys are selling a book?”, found out that “no, we want to give this book to you as a gift if you’ll read it”, and then promised us that he would read the entire thing in two days.  Well, we called him back 2 days later and he apologized– he was only in the middle, but in his defense, it was a hard book that you had to read kind of slowly.  He asked us to call him back the next day.  So we did. This time he went on and on about how this was one of the best books he’s ever read, that it wasn’t a coincidence that we met on the street, and that he’s very very thankful to us.  He also told us that everyone in his apartment building also needs a copy– because now they’re really interested in this book, too.  We asked if we could meet and we could give him more copies. He agreed.

We arranged for the branch president to be there with us (the branch president is the first man baptized in Krasnoyarsk– 13 years ago) and we waited VERY NERVOUSLY as the clock ticked past the appointment time. I called him up, praying that he would still somehow show up and—- yep, he was just a little lost. He got to the building and had brought his wife with him.  We sat down and talked for about 30 minutes and he agreed to take the missionary lessons.  We’ll see where this goes from here, but so far it’s been pretty miraculous.  This experience has taught me that the Lord really does prepare people– even the people that we casually pass on the street.  I’ll of course keep you updated with his progress, but if you would pray for Michael (Mee ha eel in russian, but Michael is the translation) to have a soft heart, we would really appreciate it.

I’ll get mail in about 30 minutes if I had any for me in Novo…

and I think that’s about it….

i love you guys!

let’s see if photos will work….

–elder froelich

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