January 12, 2011 Krasnoyarsk!


Transfers: I’m in Krasnoyarsk (not as a zone leader) with Elder Sage Petersen!  My zone leaders are Elder Byers and Elder Lilinquist.  There are also two companionships of sisters, Fronk and Fesenko; Reed and Filatova.  
For those of you who follow transfers (sister calderwood), here are the other highlights:
Rupper is AP with McConnaughey.  Wheeler is shotgunning Irkutsk with Prokopsevs.  Ryan Nelson is in Irkutsk with a newer missionary. Player is still in Irkutsk.  Whitchurch is in the office with Birther, all the sisters got moved out of small cities into the three big ones (omsk, krasno, novo)… so yeah… oh. Sister Vasilevskaya is training in Novo.

I got off my first train today at 2pm and walked out into the Krasnoyarsk air and was greeted by my zone– including the Senior Couple here– the Aleman’s.  It was an interesting train ride.  The authorities gave us lots of trouble with baggage and limits and this and that and it was mostly them being difficult.  But I made it to Krasno.  This city is amazing.  It’s so beautiful– the architecture is great, it’s colorful, filled with life, and everything just looks exciting.

I’ll be going to Finland next week and when I get my visa information I’ll be able to see clearly how much time I have left in Russia. I have decided to take the earlier date to come home, which means that have 90 days left after I get my visa (so the 100 day count down has already begun).  It makes me kind of dizzy and confused to think that I’ll be coming home in just 3 months– and that my time in Krasno will be just half of what I had in Novosibirsk (and that went by fast enough as it is).  So by all expectations I’ll by “dying” in Krasno, and this last move to a new area was my last on my mission (although something crazy could happen and I could still be assigned to another city from now until then).

It was rough leaving Novosibirsk.  A mission is such an incredible toll on the brain.  The amount of incredibly sincere handshakes accompanied by lengthy Russian “I wish you all the best”‘s and how often you’ve got to throw that painful notion that you’ll never see this person again in the back of your head leads to some pretty intense emotions and thoughts about life.  There were so many beautiful things that happened in Novosibirsk.  I can’t even begin to explain all of the moments the last week or so that are very dear to my heart.

And, well in line with an observation that I often make “life is so weird!”– now it’s time for me to sprint to the finish line.  I’ve got three more months to do everything else that I’ll ever do as a missionary in Russia.

Thanks for all the letters and emails.  I got several Christmas cards recently– thanks, and Dad, I got your letter…. and now I’m not in Novosibirsk, so I’ll get my letters in one big delivery every several weeks instead of every several days.  (But that shouldn’t stop you from writing– remember– you only have 3 more months to write letters to Elder Tyler Froelich.)

Well, I think that’s about it. I’ll try adding photos this time, but if it doesn’t work, I should have a bunch for next time of the city of Krasnoyarsk!

–Elder Froelich

4 Responses to January 12, 2011 Krasnoyarsk!

  1. Jennifer Harris says:

    My son, Tyler, just got his call on Wednesday to serve in the Novosibirsk mission. He will enter the MTC in May. Thank you so much for sharing this blog . . . I feel so much better. 🙂 Thank you for your service and preparing the way for those who will follow you.

    • tylerfroelich says:

      Thanks for your comment. I am Tyler’s father (my Tyler!), and I maintain his blog.

      Novosibirsk is a wonderful mission. There is such an important work going on in that mission. I am sure that your son will have a wonderful experience!! I will pass your comment on to my son.

      Kelly Froelich
      Richmond, VA

  2. kevin petersen says:

    What a beautiful blog. I did a search on the Novosibirsk Mission and your blog pulled up. What is more interesting is that my son Sage was just assigned as your sons companion.

    • tylerfroelich says:

      Great to hear from you!! Tyler is very excited about serving with your son! I am sure that wonderful things will happen with the two of them together.

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