Russia, January 7, 2011

Dear All,

С Новым Годом! Happy New Year’s! The past week and a little bit more have been very interesting ones. We spent New Year’s at President Trejo’s house where all of us Novosibirsk-zone missionaries had a delicious meal, watched Fiddler on the Roof and Wall-e, and played an amazing board game that I was recently introduced to: Pandemic. This game is super awesome. Family– this should be purchased. If it’s not in our house by the time I get home, I’ll go out and buy it. Friends– this game is intense and nerdy and very strategic and everything! We’re totally getting together and playing it after I get home.

Along with New Year’s and the resolutions and the finishing of old year goals and the starting of new, I’ve had lots of thoughts about life and the mission (and these stupid kids playing computer games are being SO irritating). It’s really scary to look at the time left for me on the mission, the things that I still want to do, etc. etc.

I officially get transfer calls tonight. I may or may not know a thing or two about where I’ll be serving in a week (Krasnoyarsk *cough*), although nothing is official until I get the call tonight. So *if* I get transfered, I would be transfered on Wed the 12th (I’ll be transfered), spend a few days in my new city trying to get a hang of things, then go for a visa trip on the 20th and by that time the transfer (a five week transfer) will feel almost over.

Last night for English club I told them that I would possibly receive a transfer and asked them to all stay for my spiritual thought. I shared the parable of the rich men who donated much money and the widow who donated her two coins. Christ taught that those two coins were a lot more than all of the money that the rich men donated because it was all that she had. Something that I’ve learned on the mission is the value of being sincere. Living in a country of people that I feel are more sincere than Americans, serving them with all that I have, teaching them, helping them make hard changes in their lives that will make them happier has helped me be a more sincere person. I’ve felt the difference between going through the motions and doing something with your whole soul and energy of heart. We all have different things to give, but it’s the sincerety and love with which we can give them that will increase the worth of any personal sacrifice. I’m thankful for the Atonement of Christ and the relationship I have with Christ which teaches me how to be motivated by pure love and sincerety. I’m glad to know that there is such a force in the world and that it is enough support us to do great things.

This has been a pretty distracted email session. Next week may be pretty distracted too, though.

I love you guys.

Elder Tyler Froelich

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