Novosibirsk – December 22, 2010

Dear All,

Last night at English Club I was able to carry on the family tradition of telling the story about the lamb.  It wasn’t Christmas Eve, like last year that I was able to tell the story to my English class, but it was the closest I could get.  I’ve really learned a lot on my mission about the value of really putting your whole sincere heart into something.  That is what English club in Novosibirsk has been like to me.  I’ve been meeting with some of them now for about 6 months.  As they’ve seen how sincerely and seriously I plan for and take care of English Club, they’ve started to respect me and we’ve made some really strong friendships.  It’s then very special for me to invite them to learn more about Christ and to trust me as a missionary to teach them how they can find peace and happiness in this life.

There were tons of really really cool things that happened to me this last week.

One evening my companion and I were walking through a park on the way back from an activity when I decided to approach two guys walking towards us.  I asked “Вы не занимаетесь английским языком?” which translates out to “do you occupy yourselves by the means of the English language/tongue?”
and one of them said “…were you ever in Kemerovo?”
I said “….yeah….”
and he said “I think you talked to me in Kemerovo”
“about a year ago.”
“wow… yeah, it just so happens that exactly a year ago I was in Kemerovo”
My companion the rest of the night was офигетьing (freaking out) about how many things had to be exactly in place for me to talk to someone that I talked to a year ago in a different city.

Another one:
As we walk up to the door of Anton, our investigator with the hugs movie, and knock, an Anton dressed in a sharp grey suit with a pink shirt and a light blue tie opens the door. He’s also wearing a Chick-fil-a name tag that says “hi my name is: ANTON.”  He says “please– come in!”
As we take our coats off we’re wondering to ourselves what is going on with his get-up.  My companion offers “speed dating?”  As we sit down, we ask him why he’s dressed so nicely.  He explains very clearly “now we’re on the same level.  See? I’m Anton. You’re Elder Peterson and you’re Elder Froelich.  Ah, let me go get the tea.  I decided to take up your habit and now I only drink herbal tea,” he says as he leaves the room.
We were in complete shock with how awesome Anton is and how he decided to start living the word of wisdom without us even mentioning it to him.

Well, my whole week went something like that. It was a pretty good week.

Anyway, I love being a missionary, and I love this city.  Attached is a picture I took on the way here.  This is what Novosibirsk looks like on a -35 day at about noon.

I’m super excited about Christmas and New Years and all that great stuff– fam, I can’t wait to talk to you!

Special shout out to all those December birthdays! (Especially to Taegan because I just got her letter– thanks!)
Caitlin, I also got your letter– thanks!!
While you guys are all bored, not having anything to do for Christmas break– you could write me a letter!! 😀

Thanks to sis warnick’s seminary class for their testimonies.  I still haven’t translated them, so I’ll let you know when they make their way into Russian and into the hands of the seminary teacher.

Also attached– a Russian bench in the park that I talked to the guy from Kemerovo and that’s my companion sitting awkwardly on the bench.  (Russian babyshki or grandmas get furious at people who do stupid stuff like sit on cold surfaces (if you sit on a cold surface it means that you won’t have kids))

I love you guys!

С Рождеством!!

-Ст. Фройлих

(Double-click photo to enlarge)

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