Russia — December 1, 2010

Dear Family,
I just spent lots of time sending stuff to my brother, Chris, about English club. So while I put in all the time already, for those who are interested– here are some lesson plans that i’ve made in the past (I actually made them back in Tomsk, but I use them occasionally here). Just thought it’d be interesting for you guys to see some of the things we do for English club.
Speaking of English club– last night in 3rd group it was really cool. My beloved, amazing, spectacular, cool 3rd group just ended up asking lots of questions about missionaries in our church: rules, reasons, patterns, life styles, etc. It was really fun!
Another amazing event for me was when Lena and Lyooda visted me from Tomsk! They just showed up in Novo for the church meeting and I got to spend lots of time talking to them! I am really really grateful for the amazing friends that i’ve made in Russia. It’s been a huge highlight for me and a huge strength for me lately.
…and I’m going to have to cut this one short, too, like Chris.
I love you! I’m happy to hear from you!
Good luck to Spencer– i hope you get to mozambique alright 🙂
and that’s it from me this week!
–Elder Froelich

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