Russia – October 20, 2010 (Sorry, looks like I forgot to post this last week!)

Dear All,

It’s snowing! 😛

Things are going great. My new companion is a great missionary.  His parents or grandparents or something have even met Grandpa and Grandma Froelich in the temple! (by the way, I got your letters and package, grandma and grandpa– thanks a bunch! I really appreciate everything you sent me!)

We’re really focusing on talking to more people on the streets this transfer with each of our missionaries.  We have a goal for each companionship to talk to at least 10 people each day.  So far it’s going great and we’ve already seen vast improvement over the last 3 days since we’ve started.

I’ve most notably had a lot of success with English club.  You may remember reading how much effort we were putting into this English club in starting it up again.  Last time at English we had 90 people there– there weren’t enough chairs to seat everyone in the “cultural hall”!  English is getting lots of fun lately– we’re always seeing new faces as people seem to enjoy it enough to bring lots of friends.  I’m making great friends there– the people in my 3rd group are so amazing!  We’re finding people from English club who want to hear more about the Gospel, and it looks like a very promising activity for this transfer.

(before I forget, I have some requests: fam, could you send me a copy of general conference issue ensign as soon as it comes out? it takes for ever for us to get those here (for example, we got april’s general conference magazine in english just 3 weeks ago) also, i dont know if the request got out from Hadley, but i’d really love a copy of “celebrating the light” cd somehow…)

As some of you may know– Spiderman is one of my heroes.  I especially love the scripture in the Docterine and Covenants that came from the Spider man movie– to whom much is given, much is required.  This verse has become important to me on the mission.  Sometimes in life we question why we have so much on our plates and why we have to deal with the situations we have.  Wouldn’t it just be so much more easier to have less responsibility?  That verse was an answer to that question for me.  It brought be great hope to know that Super heroes really do exist today.  God does work that way.  Some of us are given great powers, and because of that we do have great responsibility.  I see some leaders in the Church here in Russia.  There are a few outstanding Russian men here who are just… super heroes.  They are an example in every aspect of their life to members and us missionaries.  I’m sure each of us have these heroes in our lives and we say “wow, I could never do it like he does. I could never fill that role.”  It’s a wonderful part to God’s plans that he stacks some of his children differently.  We can all be heroes to eachother at certain times of our lives.  Most importantly to realize though, is what powers you were given and where your responsibilities are.  Don’t deny your super powers.  You’re given more for a reason– it’s because you’re expected to run faster.  But there will still always be other heroes to help pull you along, inspiring you to keep going.  (I’m sorry for the jumbleness of these thoughts– after a year and change on a mission I still haven’t found a way to organize thoughts right within my hour allotment of computer time.  I also haven’t figured out how to tell this computer that I’m not writing in Russian, but English.  I know I misspelled some words here, but my screen tells me that every word is wrong)

Well, I love you guys!  Thanks for the letters (keep them coming!) I’ll continue to try to ignore the fact that it’s getting colder and colder and colder here…

–elder froelich

ps– lyric! (Had, maybe you can shoot this girl a facebook message for me) a friend from english club was supposed to write you. she needs info on some stuff about cooper– i told her you could hook her up.  wicked wicked wicked awesome letter by the way. love you! take care!

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