Russia – October 13, 2010

Dear Family,

Real quick I think I’d better answwer a few questions that you asked me in previous emails. Let me just say that this computer is going ridiculously slow, so please exciszse any typos– i’m typing this and then the text shows up about 10 seconds later.

So mom, you asked about my birthday package– the va is for lovers t shirt was great. I actually found out after the jeans you sent me were slightly too big, that the mission president’s wife has a dryer! That’s a huge rarity here. So I asked her to shrink my jeans as well as the t-shirt you sent me and now it fits great!

The dictionary was PERFECT– the EXACT one that i wanted and i was SUPER impressed that you sent it to me so quickly! I’ve been bashful to ask for that dictionary for a long time b/c I just figured it would take so long and be such a hastle. Thanks 🙂 !

You asked if there’s anything that I’d like in a future package– yes. A friend of mine recently asked me for an “american constitution”- you know how they’ve got them in little pamphlet book things that they give out to students at school? If you could get a hold of a couple of those little things– several would be great, actually– I’d love to use them in my english classes.

chris– i got your package too! a while back. it was wierd– instead of it going to the main office it was sent to the mission presiden’ts home… but I got it and am thoroughly enjoying the pencil, candy, food, pen, and… other stuff…. (lol)

Brother Edmunds asked about mail– while I’m in Novosibirsk I get mail multiple times a week b/c as a zone leader there is usually stuff to do every once in a while at the office, etc. So pouch, regular, whatever– I get it as soon as it gets to the office, so send as much mail as you want! 😀 (And I could always use a few more american 44 cent stamps too, while you’re at it)

Chris– I’ll write more later about what works for me to find people. I don’t have very much time for internet today. and about the christmas call, idk, i’ll look into it. I imagine we could get it worked out pretty easily. But how would that work? You’re on one phone and I’m on the other? it seems like the volume would be pretty bad.

As far as a thought goes for some of my experiences this past week, I’ve been thinking a lot about the application of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in our lives. I’ve recently made lots of close friends from my English classes and they’ve mentioned problems or concerns they have in life– maybe they don’t know which job offer to take, or what to do after college, or what they should do with their future in general. I’ve been thinking a lot and reading a lot about the role that God plays in our lives when we need to make a big decision. Lots of people would say that sitting at home and reading the bible and praying isn’t going to help me get my life on track– and that’s right. But there is something very valuable about being close enough to God to be receiving answers and inspiriation from Him when you really do need guidance. Maybe you won’t read in the scriptures and find a direct answer to your prayer like “you should accept the job offer you just got,” but as you read the scriptures and pray continually to our Father in Heaven, you are so much more sensitive to the messages that he is trying to tell you. You can recognize his answers and recognize that they come from him.

I’m glad that I have this stability in my life for when I don’t know what to do. It’s a big task for me out here in Sibieria to help show people that God really does exist and does give real inspiration and real help for your problems. He is there for us to guide us– we just need to be in tune with his guidance and be ready to receive and follow it.

Thanks for the letters! Brother Edmunds, you give good advice about not letting music be a distraction– but you get to see a SUFJAN STEVENS concert!?! 😦 I love that guy’s music soooo much. I actually got some christmas hymns he sings approved for missionaries to listen to…. dang…

love you all!

–Elder Froelich

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