Russia Septeber 22, 2010


We had some fun stuff within the last couple of weeks. We went to a hockey game last Wednesday! It was the team Sibir (novosibirsk) vs Dinamo (from Belorussia). We lost pretty bad, but the hockey game was lots of fun (it was our once-per-3-months culture night).

I actually feel overwhelmed for the first time in the last few weeks. We had tons of headache-finances to deal with while doing things the last few days (getting our electricity turned back on, finding and signing a contract for the sisters’ new apartment), so the other highlights of the past couple weeks are a little bit obstructed in my head. English club has been getting lots better– I love the group that I’m in charge of– 3rd group. There are about 15-23 people who come each week. Last night we played Guesstures and had a blast. I feel like I’m really developing a friendship with some of the people in my group. It’s nice because as I get to know these people better I can see a light in certain people’s eyes and it becomes evident who might be ready to hear our message that we share as missionaries.

We also had sports night in an indoor venue that the church has purchased. We played floor hockey! It was so much fun! Unfortunately, due to poor planning, we had a very small amount of people there; the ratio of missionaries to not-missionaries was pretty embarrassing, but now we’re all really excited to get more people to sports night because we’ve all seen how much fun it could be to have a bunch of people there, and it should also open doors to teach people.

Well, maybe I’m just a little too tired, but I can’t think of anything else to write. I’ll attach a couple of photos.
Thanks for the prayers/letters/support!

–Elder Tyler Froelich

hockey game
my companion and i at hockey game
me harvesting potatoes with cat and kitten

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