Russia – August 18th

Dear All,
This week has been a good one.  Things are happening pretty fast here in Novosibirsk.  Last Saturday we had another triple baptism.  Alexei and Marina (a married couple with a young son named Ilya) were baptized, along with a cool guy named Vitale– an investigator of the office elders.  From there things have just continually gotten better.  On Sunday the announcement was made that our branch in Novo (the first branch. there are 4 total) will be merged with the 2nd branch– making our congregationsize a lot larger, with lots of new people to meet, work with and become friends with!  It’s also nice because the branch is happy about having a larger group of friends to see every Sunday, and it’ll really help missionary work move along faster.  We also had a big English activity yesterday to bring more and new people into our English club program.  My  companion and I had put in LOTS of work into this program, which was scheduled to happen yesterday, as well as tomorrow.  There was a pretty good turn out yesterday and we’re hoping for even better tomorrow! (prayers for a good turn out would be appreciated)
These last few weeks have been jam-packed and life is moving pretty quickly– it’s hard to think that in about a week and 3 days we’ll get calls for the next transfer!
Something that I’ve been seeing a lot in missionary work and in my life personally lately is the importace of personal growth and progression.  It’s so interesting how often and now natural it is that we look back on our past lives.  We naturally want to have made progression from the past.  If we make it a daily habbit to do something better each day, and actually track and record our progress, we can really make a difference in our own lives.  Somethign that the mission has really taught me is the value of taking time to sit back and look at how far you’ve come, and then make adjustments to life to ensure that you’ll go farther, in the right direction.
Anyway– I’m having trouble formulating my thoughts today.
Thank you, Roth family, for your package.  It was VERY entertaining, and I am still showing off to all my friends the cool things that I got from Japan.  I deeply appreciate it.
I’m overdue for sending photos– this stupid internet place doesn’t let you upload stuff, so we’ll have to find another place to do interenet, because I have quite a few cool photos to show you.
Thanks for the emails,
I love you
–Elder Froelich

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