Russia July 21, 2010

Dear All,
I got a transfer! I am no longer in Tomsk.  I’m sitting at a computer right now in Novosibirsk, as the new co zone leader with Elder McConnaughey.  Two missionaries from the good ol’ MTC district are in my zone: Elder Player and Sister Caulderwood! (And Elder McConnaughey was in another district but in the same MTC group)
Also, Elder Eborn went to Omsk to serve with Elder Nelson; Sister Rivas went to Ulan Ude.  Elder Wheeler will be taking my place in Tomsk with Elder Whitchurch and Elder Capps is coming from Novokuznetsk to serve with Elder Hansen.
It was quite an event leaving Tomsk.  It’s such an amazing city, with so many amazing people.  I was so sad to leave such a great Branch President, such great families, like Sister Olga and her children, Sonya and Misha, and some amazing valiant youth– two of which are serving “mini missions” (uliana in barnaul and looda in irkutsk).  It was a shame to leave because we recently have been teaching and becoming great friends with several amazing people who really are sincere in their desire to find truth (the sincerity of a person that you’re teaching makes a HUGE difference on how the lesson goes).
We had a good lesson last week with a member on the topic of ‘hope.’  Hope is a tricky thing to define, especially in comparison to faith.  But, in preparing for the lesson and the actual discussion on hope I realized how important it is to us.  When life just goes badly and things don’t work out, and we feel stress and depression– it’s really only hope that can keep us smiling and helping others and being positive people.  We hope for a better world.  The source of our hope is in the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.  Hope comes in great handy when life is hard, but how much do we think about hope when everything is great?  When life is great, hope plays a different role in our life– we should always be looking for people with sad faces who are having hard times and share the hope that we have.  Sometimes I think that people lose so much hope that they just don’t know how they’ll ever get back on their feet, and the only thing that they can do is wait for someone else to lift them up.  Our hope allows us to make other people happy– especially when they’re feeling sad.  So, I don’t know– hope is such a hard thing to describe and define– but it’s amazing to try to put this abstract feeling/value into use.
Since i’m in Novo now i’ll get mail super super fast. and i have access to things like peanut butter. and there’s a metro here. so… cool stuff.  send me lots of letters, k?! and i’ll write back! 😀
I love you guys, take care!
-Elder Froelich

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