Russia June 16, 2010

Dear All,
So I just got back from ZLC in Novosibirsk.  Seems like we’ve been making that 5 hour bus trip quite a lot lately (we’ll be back next week, too).  We had a great Zone Leaders’ Council where we talked about lots of great ways that we can improve our missionary work this transfer and to help the missionaries in our zones feel more successful, be happier, and make some good progress.
Before I forget again– BRAD WEBER! I can’t believe I’m in Tomsk again, but chances are getting insanely high that I’ll be gone in a few weeks (i’ve already been here for 6 months).  You’ve got over here several members who keep asking about you, especially Roman Diev, who gave a wonderful talk in sacrament meeting two weeks ago.  It’s been so inspiring watching that man come back from complete inactivity into the church.  His wife is taking the discussions now (she was completely против before) and we hope to see a baptismal date from here in the next few weeks.  He always asks about you– he looks up to you a whole lot and would really appreciate a little message.  You could just email it to me and i’d pass it on.
Man, my thoughts have been very scattered this week, and I don’t really know what I want to say to you all this week.
I’ll share with you some of the discussion I had with my companion this week.  He was assigned to speak in ZLC about “how to be a happy missionary.”  It brought up many interesting things to think about.  First of all is the disclaimer: It seems that the more you think about happiness the more danger you’re in of becoming unhappy and disturbed about life– so don’t think about it too much.  But we started posing questions such as “do we have a goal as missionaries to be happy?” Often times we’re more concerned in doing good missionary work or helping people that need it, or just keeping up performance.  I still haven’t decided if I can technically say that a missionary should have a goal to be happy, but in the very least it’s interesting to look at what’s important to you right now in life and compare it to how it would be if your goal was simply to life happily.  We have an awesome friend here named Ilya.  We were talking to him about life in general and about happiness once and he said “Happiness is something that you can have when you least expect it.”  He wasn’t trying to say anything especially deep, but think about that quote for a while– it’s really interesting to think about.  Sometimes we forget what happiness is and why we’re living.  From the scriptures we know that God created us to that we could be happy.  God gives us everything in this life so that we can be happy.  God even gives us blessings and commandments and laws for the express and sole purpose of simply being happy.
Thanks for emails this week, Zoe and Alexa– long time no… read from….?
🙂 very nice to hear from you.
K, i’m way pushed for time right now– sorry for all those I forgot to write about!
amber– send me an email!
–Elder Froelich

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