Russia June 2, 2010


The first official day of summer was yesterday.  It was a miserably cold, rainy, and windy day. And we were out there as a zone once again passing out invitations to English Club.  I’m scared to death that my time in Tomsk is coming to a close.  Maybe not– but by Friday night I’ll get a phone call from President Trejo telling me where I’ll be for the next 6 weeks.  I’ve been in Tomsk for 6 months which is the standard “longest time” that elders usually stay in one city.  So we’ll see.
Man, I don’t know what to write about to you guys this week– a lot of stuff has happened on my end, and it sounds like a lot has happened on your end too.  Sounds like there were some pretty exciting events taking place at the Froelich home the last few days. I’ll take some time right now and upload photographs, because i’ve got some pretty exciting stuff to show you!
Thanks for all your emails this week!Especially…  Amber, Lyric, and Taegan– thanks! I really enjoyed hearing from you.
Well, tomorrow is my year mark.  It feels pretty weird already being at the half way point.  And it feels weirder that my brother is leaving to the MTC in a few days– exactly what I was doing this time last year.  Chris, when you’re writing this email home on your year mark, you’ll be hearing about my homecoming, just like i’m hearing about your farewell! Wild, huh?
Hey, so an event I don’t think i’ve mentioned.  We have a friend here named Ilya.  He’s a student at this university– the oldest in Siberia.  It just had it’s 133rd (i think) birthday and for that event, all the students organize by class (faculty) and march down Lenina street in costumes, with floats, etc.  Ilya was taking part and he told us we couldn’t miss it.  So, we got there right in time for this amazing parade.  I don’t htink i’ve ever seen more students in one place.  Ilya says there were approx 10 000 students on the street that day.  We just stood there enjoying the parade and several people came up to talk to us (something about wearing a white shirt, tie and nametag attracting attention) and we were able to invite lots of people to various activities (without us doing ANYTHING! :D).  It was a super cool parade. See the pictures that should be on this blog site.
Anyway, i spent all my time uploading pictures.
I love you all. Thanks for all your support.  Next email will be transfer info! :O
–Elder Froelich
ps.  So Chris has been taking care of my facebook lately.  He’s leaving. So i need to find someone new.  Any friends out there up to the task?  Or maybe sis hadley?  Let me know if any of you think you could do a good job for me with my facebook.

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