Russia, May 12, 2010

Dear all,

I just got out of zone conference about two hours ago and I’m very excited for my trip to Helsinki coming up tomorrow morning.  I’ll be in Moscow tomorrow from 12-5, and get to Helsinki that evening at 6.  Then I leave Helsinki the next day also at 6 pm.  It’s a short trip, but I’m very excited to see missionaries I haven’t seen in 3 months and to go to the temple in Helsinki.
I’m really excited for things after I get back from this visa trip.  In Tomsk people are saying it’ll be my last transfer.  So I’ve got a ton of work to do.  We’re excited to try a few new crazy ideas this transfer.  I’m planning on setting up a “free portraits by an american” stand in a park and see how many people we can talk to and meet.  We’ve also got some great energy in our zone, especially after this zone conference to get down to work and do everything we can to allow the Lord to work through us and to allow us to feel like we’ve done our absolute best to serve him while he has given us this precious time.  I love that no matter what religion, people generally agree that life is something we need to take advantage of.  We can do so many awesome things in our life, so the most important thing is to not have regrets about using time poorly.
Parker, thanks for the wish for the snow and ice to melt… but it didnt help.  Yesterday and today it’s just been snowing like crazy.  It’s wild. I don’t know what to think about weather anymore.  Hopefully it’ll become somewhat stable this transfer so we can sort of figure out and plan various activities that we want to do outside that depend on sun.
Taegan, it was great to hear from you.  I’m glad to hear that everythings going well.  I should be getting a letter out to you soon.
Caitlin, I’m working on a couple letters to you too. I’m sad that you didn’t get anything I sent you… 😦
Nick– BARCELONA. I’m so jealous.  I want to go back there so badly– it’s such a tight city.  There’s a famous building there called the Barcelona Pavilion.  Make sure you check it out. It’s HUGE in the world of architecture.  Dang, you’re lucky.
Well, I love you all– thanks for letters and emails (like always).
Elder Froelich

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