Russia, May 4, 2010

Thanks for the emails: Caitlin 🙂 Sean, Grandpa– they made my day. even though yours was short, sean.
So a little about my life: My new companion (elder whitchurch) and I just got back from Novosibirsk where we attended Zone Leaders Council.  It was a great experience.  We had that 5 hour bus ride there and back, so I had lots of time to think about things. We’re having a cinco de mayo party here today b/c one of our sister missionaries in our zone is from california (her parents are mexican) so we’re going to make burritos, a pinata, and just have a big party 🙂
Then we’ll be in Tomsk for a few days before mother’s day. Then we go to zone conference in Novo (another 5 hour bus ride) and then I go on my visa trip. I’ll be in Helsinki on thursday night/friday morning, with just enough time to go to the temple and then we’ll have to fly back (the visa trips got cut shorter).  Mom/dad, idk if you sent the last email to elder ignatyev like I requested, but if you could highlight that visa trip information when you send this one to him so he definitely sees when i’ll be in helsinki, i’d appreciate it.  Then I’ll get back from finland and things should theoretically be back to normal for some extent.  We’ll hopefully be having some baptisms here in Tomsk pretty soon, too.
I was studying a little bit this week about testimonies– what they are, how we get them, what we can do to strengthen our testimonies, and what we can do to help others strengthen their testimonies.  One quick thing that really struck me was from “True to the Faith” where it says that a testimony is a witness from the Holy Ghost.  It’s when we feel the Holy Ghost that we can develop a testimony of some principle of truthfulness.  Therefore it’s our job to do everything we can to live worthily for the presence of the Holy Ghost and to be doing those things that enable the Holy Ghost to have influence in our lives.  The Bible and Book of Mormon are filled with promises of all that the Holy Ghost can do for us.  One of the things is that the Holy Ghost can act as a comforter when we simply need a little comfort or strength, or just a little reassurance that everything will be ok and that God really does look over us.  Christ tells us time and time again that if we seek we shall find, if we knock he will open.  He does this most often through the Holy Ghost. If we seek that comforting, warm, reassuring, familiar feeling we can absolutely receive it.  By reading the scriptures and trying to be sensitive to spiritual matters and by doing the things in life that we have taught are right we are eligible for the comfort of the Holy Ghost and we can then strengthen, be reminded of, or gain a testimony that God loves us and that he’s watching over us.
Thank you for your emails and letters, I love you
–Elder Froelich

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