April 28, 2010


I’ll be in Helsinki on the 14th of May– or that weekend, whenever it works out to be (for Erika Larsen to send her brother, for family to forward to my relative serving in Finland, and for Roman Ignatyev– I, elder Wheeler and many other elders will be there in my group. it’d be awesome if you could somehow be there too 🙂 )
Elder Lambson left– he’s on the plane right now going home! Wow!  If he ever stumbles upon this blog:  scan in the music that you wrote out to the robe, please! 😀
Transfers! They’re happening!For the next six weeks I will stay zone leader in Tomsk.  They’re giving me a new companion to be co-zone leader with me– Elder Whitchurch.  From what I know of him he’s a cool guy, so I’m excited to serve with him.  Elder Brightwell is leaving to Krasnoyarsk and so is Sister Boggs.  This transfer we’ll have Sister Degtyaryova (a Russian) with Sister Rivas (a Californian) and Elder Eborn will be serving with Elder Hansen.  It’s a bummer that we lost so many missionaries this transfer, especially because the members here started getting really used to them, but i’m excited for the change and I’m sure we’ll see some great progress this transfer– in part because of the fact that:
THERE IS HARDLY ANY SNOW LEFT!!! Yester day was HOT! It was SO AMAZING!  EVERYONE was outside walking around, enjoying the amazing weather.  We’ll be able to start talking to people in parks and having some great english club attendance…. the next few months in Tomsk should be very happenin’.
There’s this thing in Siberia called “led-a-hod” which is when it starts to get warm enough that the ice in the river starts to melt.  The water in the river increases exponentially and there is a period of about a day or so when everyone goes to the river to watch this crazy glacier-rapids phenomenon.  It’s been described to me that there are huuuuge pieces of ice that knock up against each other and then tumble and splash into the river– it looks like whales breaching.  This should happen in the next day or so– hopefully i’ll be able to be there and i’ll send some sweet pictures.
This week has been really exciting for me– I’ve seen a lot of really great progress with those we’re working with and also with the missionaries here in Tomsk… annnnd it looks like i’m out of time to tell you more about it.  But things are going great here.
Hayley! Wow! Thanks for the email! We’ve got to find time to hang out after I get back– i feel like we totally got jipped as far as having enough time together growing up.  Good luck with everything going on at home! Love you!
Heather Leake– thanks for the recepes :)Amber– thanks for the email– i’ll be waiting for the letter
Andrew– those webcomics are keeping me in a very good mood on a mission.
All– I heard sandstorm in a taxi yesterday. B-)
Bradley Weber– your members here in tomsk want you to write something! (especially roman diev)
I love you all so much!  Good luck with everything going on over there in America! 😀
enjoy the pics
–Elder Froelich

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