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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!! (no, they don’t celebrate st. patrick’s day in Russia)
Well, this week I don’t have any special thoughts or messages to individuals b/c my head is still spinning from transfers!
This transfer:
I will be the zone leader of Tomsk and will be companions, again, with Elder Brightwell.
All of our native Russian/Ukrainians left this transfer (Sister Kuhta,  Elder Zabrodin, and Elder Sargsyan).
In their places will be a brand new elder, Elder Eborn, an Elder who will be dying this transfer (finishing his mission and going back to the states this tranfer) Elder Lambson, and Sister Boggs.
So, amidst the getting people out and getting people in, not to mention the fact that my companion will have a visa trip tomorrow and then I have to go to Novo for Zone Leaders Conference on Monday, things are pretty crazy.  Hopefully by next Wednesday everything will be settling down.
This week I got to go to Kemerovo for my last time (Kemerovo as of this transfer is not a part of our zone anymore) in the near future and I was able to see some of the members there who are very dear to me.  It’s scary– there is such low attendance at church meetings and a lot of the members seem to be dodging the missionaries.  Hopefully during this next transfer Kemerovo will see some success– they President is trying a little bit different game plan there now.  We’ll see.
As for here in Tomsk: We’ve just had a lot of big, sad goodbyes.  The members here really loved Sister Kuhta and Elder Zabrodin and it’s a shame that they’re leaving.  It’s going to be a major challenge for me to keep the relationships up, keep the morale around here up, and see that missionary work continues to happened.  I’d appreciate prayers, thoughts, and letters of encouragement– I have no idea how difficult this transfer is going to be for me with this new leadership responsibility.
Well, fam, I love you all.  I miss you. Chris, I am just as anxiously awaiting your mission call.  If you can somehow get some sort of a video sent my way I would really appreiciate it. and email me as soon as you get the call, regardless of if it’s close to my P day or not.
The weather is great here now. It’s between -5 and 0, lots of people are out on the streets– everything is great.  It’s an exciting time because we can now expect English club and church attendance to really grow during this time of year.  Mom– I’m warm, well fed, brushing my teeth… everything is great 🙂  And Chris, you can tell everyone that I’m really loving it here in Russia.  I still from time to time just step back and go “Whoa…. I’m on my mission in Siberia…. this is so crazy…”
I miss you all!
P.S. the photo: for those of you who know the Youtube video– and especially Nick Pericle, who introduced me to it by naming our Sunday School team this every week.  In Russia you can buy ice cream in stands on almost any street.  (The ice cream in Russia is ridiculously good.) This particular ice cream bar is called Шоколадный Дождь, which literally translates out to “Chocolate Rain.” 🙂
–Elder Froelich

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