March 9, 2010

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Thank you for the pictures, emails, band updates, etc!  There were some very “trunky” moments reading the emails this week 🙂
A lot of things happened this past week.
For starters, our washing machine broke one morning and we didn’t find out about it until our downstairs neighbor came banging on our door.  He marched us downstairs where he showed us the water dripping from his ceiling.  So we’ve had quite the ordeal with him lately.  He can be a very angry man, and there were some very scary, overwhelming moments for me when he started yelling at us, demanding money and using a lot of words that I don’t understand– which only made him more mad.  But we cleared the problem up– everything’s ok, and the last time we went to see him about the problem he was in a pretty good mood, so he didn’t yell at us that time. 🙂
On a more positive note, we just got back a couple days ago from Novosibirsk where we had possibly the largest Zone Conference that I’ll ever see on my mission.  Let’s see if i can remember the cities that were there… Tomsk, Novosibirsk, Kemerovo, Novokuznetsk, Barnaul… I think that’s it.  So: lots of missionaries (see the picture that my dad should post on my blog).  It was so big because President Schwietzer (sp?), a member of the Europe East Area Presidency came to speak to us.  He gave two amazing talks that were very inspiring about conversion and sanctification and understanding where we are personally in life and what are goals are.
It was such a great couple of days for me– I saw, noticed, learned, felt, understood so much. Plus, it was very refreshing to be able to sit down and be taught rather than to always worry about those who you are supposed to teach.
And because of Zone Conference our week has become shorter– and it’ll be even shorter: we just found out that we’re going to go to Kemerovo for a couple of days to help those elders out.  We leave on Friday and get back Sunday night.  It’s been great to look at the limited amount of time taht we have and decide who is most important to meet with.
We’ll also get transfer calls on Friday/Saturday, so i’ll let you know what’s happening for the next 6 weeks of my life in my next email.
Along with the Zone Conference, we also got mail.  Mom, I got the after christmas package.  I’ve worn the pajamas the past two nights; they are very comfy. (and it came right in time. we’re waiting on a new washing machine and I had no more clean pajamas)  I also got letters from Erica, Karla (thanks so much for those recipes and the instructions! EXACTLY what i’ve been wanting for the past few months!), and Brandon Stewart (i have a feeling I’m spelling your name wrong) and Karim from Cooper (wow– you don’t know how much I appreciated the update of what you guys have been doing this year.  I think about you guys and all the great work from cooper often. thanks so much, I was SO excited to see a letter addressed from New York).
I’d like to share a quick spiritual thought about studying scriptures.  There’s an amazing sister here from Alaska named Sister Calderwood.  Scripture study is her specialty.  She wrote me a note before she left Tomsk and at the end: “remember: don’t just read your scriptures– study them.”  My companion and I are planning a lesson this evening about studying scriptures and we’re excited to share a really cool verse from the bible: Ezra 7:10.  Look it up.  We should study the scriptures every day– not just read them.  We can gain so much insight, knowledge, and peace when we put time into trying to understand words of the prophets.  Dad, thanks for your email to me today, it was very powerful.  I especially enjoyed the emphasis you gave on studying the scriptures and the feelings that we get when we truly immerse ourselves in searching for truth.
I’m running out of time, but thanks again for the emails, the love, and the support!
–Elder Froelich
Sean: I  recently talked to an elder who knew SO many bands. we talked a lot about some crazy bands, including the libertines! also, i told him plenty about the pixies, so when you told me about those pixies songs… man… i miss music 🙂
Justin– can you go into more details about what the flaming lips are doing? i didn’;t quite understand. and i’m expecting a review of alice in wonderland. the adds here are driving me nuts.
Hadley– what’s this about not mentioning the fact that you’ve got your PERMIT?!
Parker: it’s Luke 8:50, pretty sure. sweet email– thanks, it made me smile.
gtg peace

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