Russia March 3, 2010

March 1st marks the first day of spring in Russia, so:
Happy Spring! from Siberia
So even though it’s spring…. it doesnt really mean anything.  Like my companion said “Russian’s just celebrate spring coming earlier than americans because they want the cold to go away faster.”  Lately we’ve been walking into people’s houses and they’ve been telling us “Such cold weather hasn’t been for the last 15 years!  It’s usually not this cold this late through winter and into spring!”
So, needless to say, we still have to endure the excuses: “well it’s cold…. i’ll come to church when it’s warmer…”
But people are starting to come to English club in much higher numbers, or at least we had a really good crowd yesterday.  I’m in charge of 2nd group (1st group are people who speak essentially 0 english, and 3 group is almost fluent speakers) and yesterday there was a very nice looking group of university age girls that showed up.  Elder Zabrodin, my zone leader, said “uhm… Elder Froelich, I’m going to send another Elder in here with you” (looking around at the lack of guys and the not-lack of attractive girls).  And they were all, for the most part, involved in the discussion.  We talked about “Time” and next weed we’re going to talk about “The future.”  I had a lot of fun, just with all of the fun phrases that we have in English about time, and because of the fact that there were enough people to call on that it was a fluid discussion.  Last transfer was the first time I ever lead English club and I’m finally feeling like I’m getting the hang of it.
This week my companion and I have both been studying faith, coincidentally, and I’ve come to learn a few things about faith.  I shared some of Elder Holland’s talk a letter or two ago about how we need to look to the future.  Today Elder Brightwell shared a verse from the Bible when Christ told the father of a young girl who died before Jesus could reach her “Fear not: believe only.”  There are tough times in our lives when we tend to doubt ourselves, our talents, our faith, our purpose in life.  For me it’s comforting to think of how Christ comforted this father who had lost his daughter to sickness: fear not: believe only.  We can’t understand why certain moments in life are hard, but we know through the scriptures that hard moments are only for our good.  God created everything on this earth for our benefit– even things that are trials for us.  Think back to hard times that you’ve had before– we look back on those hard times and see that they helped us and were beneficial to us in the long run.  We just need to remember and to decide to push through our trials with faith, not fearing.
Thanks for emails again this week.  I got three letters recently! From Chris, Parker, and Erica (mom, I still haven’t gotten any more packages from you guys… :-/)  I love you so much, Chris– I’m SOOOO EXCITED to have you get your mission call.  (sister kuhta here from Ukraine is convinced you’re going to serve in her mission b/c from my stories and pictures she wants to hang out with you after her mish) and parker– thanks for the letter.  You always make me laugh in your letters– you’re such a cool brother.  Erica– my new companion found the cd’s you sent me for christmas and he’s hooked on them.  Sean, thanks for the only in dreams shout out, it’s been great to hear from you so much lately.  best of luck with the school work (jealous of you hitting up DC.  Hey, i’ve got a friend who did a similar thing and he knows tons of sweet restauraunts there– i’ll hook you up with his info if you remind me. or just ask my dad for Ryan Edmund’s email address) .  Justin G- that article was hilarious. I was just talking about David Bowie with my companion today. Thanks. 🙂
Don’t worry about the whole new email address thing– if you send it to it gets forwarded here, so either one works– i’m getting everything just fine (just don’t use my
k, out of time! I love you all
Elder Froelich

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