Russia February 24, 2010

Dear all,
This week I had to change to my new ldsmail account (they upgraded the system so that it works alright and therefore I will no longer be using this email, but my new one: and that took a long time, so I feel jipped, but oh well. I’ll see if I can still cover everything with the limited time I have.
While all of you are talking about how great spring is… the people in Siberia say the same thing! *big inhale* “ahhh smells like spring is coming.” but considering that it hasn’t gotten any warmer (-30 today), and the snow is still only piling up, it is really not quite the same.
This week has been pretty good. My companion and I have been getting along really well and we’ve recently seen many blessings from planning really detailed individual lessons for our investigators.  Some of the past few meetings that we’ve been having with people who we didn’t think would be making very much progress have been very spiritual and we’ve been seeing a change in how they treat the time that we spend discussing the Gospel.  Our zone is pretty pumped today because, other than it being P Day, we have a baptism tonight.  Katya is her name– she’s about 22 years old, a physics major who met us through English club.  (she always sits in on second group– my group– and it’s really fun to talk to her b/c she is a total physics nerd.  I’ve shown her a couple xkcd comics and she appreciated them.)  She’s so ready for baptism– it’s amazing.  Before she decided her baptismal date she told the sisters that she needed a little more time to prepare because she knows that once she is baptized she will receive a calling and be asked to serve and help others in the church.  I made cookies for the baptism this morning, and the baptism will take place at 7:00 pm this evening!
Tomorrow the President and Assistants will come to Tomsk and we’ll have our interviews.  Which also means that I’ll get mail. 🙂
Things are going great in general.  We’ve been having a pretty good week.  It was tough getting going, me just coming back from Helsinki, but now we’re doing great.  Our zone is very unified and.. yeah.  Yes, mom, I’m eating enough, I’m warm enough, and I’m happy. 🙂
Yesterday I had a meeting with an investigator and we planned to discuss the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  From the beginning this investigator has not shown very much interest in spiritual matters, but lately he seems more interested.  We planned a very detailed lesson for him, but when we started the lesson, his concerns drove the lesson in a completely different direction.  Thanks to our planning we were able to very tactfully answer all his questions using the verses we had prepared (we just didn’t expect to use them in that way) and then he told us of a dream that he had a while ago.  He said he was standing in line waiting to be judged by God.  He described how vivedly full of fear he was.  He did NOT want to go through that door that lead to the judgement room.  He said there was another door that was labled “back to Earth”, but there was a guard standing infront of that door to prevent people from returning.  He was so afraid to enter the judgement room that he watched the guard and waited for the guard to become distracted.  When the guard looked the other direction he ran as fast as he could, risking everything just to get back to Earth to postpone judgement.
The spirit was so strong as he shared this story.  We were able to use the verses we had prepared to explain to him why we feel that fear and what we can do in life to prepare to stand before God– so that we can eventually feel ready and prepared to be judged of our deeds.
I know that God lives and I know that we’re here on Earth for a reason.  God loves us and wants us to return.  We can pray to him and he listens and answers.
Thank you all for your emails, especially Sean (yeah, i was freaking out when I saw two emails… :))
Good luck to Sara in the MTC (mom/dad, change her email on the list so that my emails now go to:
remember, new email: but i’ll probably create a filter for this one to just forward everything if I have time.
love you
-elder froelich

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