Russia Feb 10, 2010

Dear all,
Thanks so much for the mail, the emails, and the packages!!
This week’s email will have to be short just because of all the time i was able to spend reading your emails.  Thanks– I feel very loved and remembered.
I got letters from Mom, Sister Warnick, Erica, Zoe, a very sweet Valentine’s Day package from the Innsbrook Young Women :), a package from home with food and christmas toys in it, and a package from Zoe– thanks so much for that blanket– it didn’t come in time for Christmas but it was perfect timing for Weezer day :).
This week has been crazy because our Zone leader had a conference in Novo to go to, so we were a threesome, me being the senior companion with two newer missionaries.  Yesterday our Zone leader got back and so now it’s back to normal for today, but then tomorrow I leave to Novo to fly to Moscow, to fly to Helsinki.  I’ll be in Moscow on the 12 from early in the morning until the evening, then we fly to Helsinki.  We leave Helsinki on the 14th and I get back to Novosibirsk that evening.  So thinks will be pretty crazy for me the next few days, but I’m very excited to see old friends and see architecture in Helsinki again.
Thanks again, everyone, for your emails. I read them very quickly, so I will have to reread them later today for the details.
But Sean– thanks man, it was great to hear from you.  And wow, the water thing from Spain– great memory!  Last night for English Club I told a big group of Russians all about our Road Trip (well, at least the beginning, when I got permission to go and how you guys picked me up.  They were all captivated and I had to promise them to tell more stories from the road trip later, during future story times.  So if you have any especially favorite memories from the trip– let me know! (that goes for you too, sam))
Mary– thanks for the email– it’s been forever since i’ve heard from you! I’m glad things are going well. 🙂
Zoe– thanks for your emails. I just got a ton of letters from you so I feel like I’ve just relived the past 3 months of your life for you 🙂
I haven’t read your long email you sent this week– i’ll catch up later today when I have time.
Taegan, also, thank you for the response to my request from last week.  Glad to hear that things are going well.  what is all this about people getting married? you wanna fill me in on more details other than “so and so is engaged to be married”?
To the rest of the family members and friends that wrote me, thank you.  It is always very encouraging for me to get mail from others.  Thank you for reading my emails– it’s always nice to hear someone is keeping up with my experiences on the other side of the world.
I love you all, hang in there, be strong,
I’ll fill everyone in on my adventures in Finland and Moscow in the next email.
Justin Trapp– how’s the mission going? Any craziness going on?
Justin G.– thanks for helping my bro.  *high five*
–Elder Froelich

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