Russia January 27, 2010

WOW.  What a great week for emails for me.  They were all extremely enjoyable to read.  Hadley, I laughed out loud at least once during yours 🙂 thanks.
I don’t even know where to start this week.  Things have been pretty crazy.
First let me say that we had a great success as a companionship this week as far as statistics go.  We were shooting for 20 meetings and we got 25.  We met with so many people my head is still spinning.  We were very blessed for all of our hard work and striving to meet the Mission President’s new challenge.  And we’re trying hard to keep up all of that enthusiasm and keep 20 meetings a possibility for each week (not an easy task).
Among those meetings this week we ran into an inactive member, Leonid.  It was quite interesting.  We knocked on his door for about five minutes, not wanting to go out into the cold. It sounded like someone was home but we weren’t sure.  We then decided to call.  We heard the phone ring right behind the metal door and someone answered.  We totally woke this guy up from sleeping, but he, for whatever reason, actually let us in.  As we started asking him about his history with the church he dropped the name “Elder Veber”.  I showed him a picture that I had taken earlier of my relative, Brad Weber, who served in 2000, i think, and he said “yep, that’s him.”  Apparently Leonid had served with Elder Veber on a “mini mission” (which is when the mission takes native Russians from the Novosibirsk Mission that are mission age and paires them for a short time with Elders, if, for whatever reason there are issues finding companions for that transfer) after Elder Veber baptized him.  So, I’m hoping this email can someone reach its way to Brad Weber (mom? grandma? see if you can forward this for me).  Leonid hasn’t been active for the past few years for some reason– we’re not quite sure yet. But he was very happy to hear that I was related to his favorite missionary.  And he says. “Respect!” and wants you to know that he still remembers you.  Brad Weber, if you get this email, I would be more than happy to pass a message along to Leonid, so if you send me an email I can print it out and get it to him.
But I’m having a tough time trying to sum up the week any more than that (we did too much stuff).  It’s still cold.  We’re still working hard and seeing some success– we have some investigators who are progressing.  Transfers are coming up.  I may have gotten some correct insider information that says that I’ll be staying in Tomsk but may be switching companions.  My new companion, if the info is correct, will be going on his second transfer in Russia, which means he is still very new.  So things should be interesting.  Also my two close friends, Elder Nelson and Sister Calderwood who were in my district from the MTC are leaving, probably to Irkutsk and Ulan Ude, so that is some sad news :(.
A thought from a film we’ve been sharing with a lot of investigators and members (the new for the strength of youth video):
Joshuah 1:1-9  Remember that if you’re doing the right things, then the Lord is always with you.  He will be your support and backup with things are tough.  Think about how much it means when you get up in front of people and speak or perform and then a friend or just one person comes and says “hey, I really appreciated that. I think you did a really good job.”  That support from a friend can be the most important thing in the world at certain times.  Just imagine– when we’re trying to follow God’s commandments and the things that Jesus taught, we’ve got the Lord behind us telling us that he supports us, appreciates us, and will reward us for doing a good job.
Thanks again for all of the emails– I feel very blessed and rewarded for having such awesome friends and family to write me so much.  (while I was in Novosibirsk in the office, one of the ladies that works in the office and handles mail came up to me and said “Elder Froelich, you get a LOT of mail.  you’d better hope that all your friends continue to remember you LATER on your mission!)
–Elder Froelich
Answers to comments about the weather:
actually, it’s rather convenient because when I say -40 degrees, it doesn’t matter C or F. They’re the same at -40.
And yeah, I don’t know about the whole “eventually getting less cold” thing, Had.  I’ve heard it stays pretty cold well into April… so… yeah.
Chris. Most of the songs you sent me were M4A’s.  i hate itunes.
I’ll listen to them when I can… hopefully sometime soon. I’m excited. Thanks!!!!!!
Had: I already said this but your email was so amazing this week. you have no idea how happy it made me.  keep being awesome.
Parker– sorry about your head! 😦 Good luck on exams!
Mom and Dad, thanks for the emails– they were very uplifting.  I’ll be re reading them throughout the week.
Bishop Palmer– it’s great to hear from you! in the next little missionary newsletter, could you include a little list of where everyone is? It’s hard for me to remember and some people’s calls I just haven’t ever heard…
Anna Tu– HEY!!! great to hear from you! things are going great! (see my blog)  how’s it going with you? are you still in VA Tech?
Chris, can you make sure Anna gets this comment? maybe send her a message on facebook or something so she gets this email and my blog address.
Grandpa, thanks for the email 🙂
Congrats to Teresa and Stuart!  I miss New York!
K, I’m really out of time.  Bye!

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