Russia October 28, 2009

To start out, I have a few comments about the emails that I received last week but read after I sent out my weekly email:

Hadley– thanks for the continual news from home; your emails always make me laugh :)Parker– that was awesome that you hiked old rag– and really exciting that you had your first priesthood session of conference!  I’m jealous– i didn’t get to go to Topeka’s after I saw priesthood session… :(Chris– wow, get better. I’ve been praying for you– I’m guessing this effects your school work quite a bit, right? 😦  Hang in there!!
Zoe– great to hear from you and about your performance and everything.  Senion year is crazy stressful, but then suddenly its gone and you’re wishing you could relive some of it.  Don’t get too caught up in all of the stressful paperwork of college applications– it all works out in the end.  Don’t let your senior year sneak away from you because of college apps.
Dad– Thanks so much for the song Holy Holy Holy– it was the last one in that PDF that I needed.  It’s my favorite hymn of all time and when I was at zone conference this weekend I was able to play it on a nice electric piano– it was really special for me. Thanks
Mom, thanks for the vanilla ice cream recepe– its just what i needed.  do you have any idea what half and half and heavy whipping cream technically is? In russia you buy cream by the percentage of fat or something– that’s how most dairy products are categorized, so I don’t know exactly what I should buy for the ice cream… any insight?

This week we had Zone Conference (we just got back from Tomsk late last night).  Zone Conference is a 2-ish day event where the President of the Mission interviews all of the missionaries in a given area and we all meet together to hear things from the President and his wife that can help us in missionary work.  But backing up a little bit…
On Sunday my companion and I woke up at 6:30 like usual, and started preparing out apartment for Sacrement meeting.  We got everything ready and we looked at the time– it was 5 minutes before the meeting was to start and no one had showed up yet… we were getting kind of nervous b/c several people promised us that they would attend this week…Then it was 11:00 and my companion asked “…well… should we start?”  We couldn’t figure out why no one was here yet and then I suddenly remembered: maybe it was daylight savings today.  We thought a while about the possibility and decided that it might in fact be daylight savings.  Then we started to feel quite silly that we didn’t wake up at 6:30, but 5:30 today. And then one of our investigators showed up– he also didn’t know about daylight savings time.  So we were just waiting around with him for almost an hour until others started to come.
The talks for this Sunday were going to be Ksyousha, one of our new members, and another member, who called us the night before informing us that she would not be at church this week.  So my companion let me know that I probably would have to speak because we can’t count on our newest member to give a really long talk or anything.Well, when Ksyousha started to speak she established that her topic was prayer and she began to give an amazing talk on prayer.  I was completely amazed (besides the fact that I could understand about 80% of everything she was saying) by how spiritual and mature the talk was.  The Spirit was very strong and she just continued to speak– for about 30 minutes– it was amazing 🙂  Elder Ignatyev and I were so nervous that we would somehow have to take up a huge amount of time.  It was a testimony building experience for me because since the two girls have been baptized there have been moments where they have born their testimonies or in this case, given a talk in church and they have covered perfectly gospel truths that we really haven’t taught them.  There’s a scripture that says that after we receive the  Gift of the Holy Ghost we can speak with the tongue of angels.  Ksyousha and Ira are evidence of this.  Ksyousha’s talk was one of the most insightful on prayer that I have heard in a long time.  She spoke very sincerely about how when she prayes she knows she is not praying to a wall, but to a loving father who hears and answers our prayers.  She explained the process of how we can receive answers to our prayers while praying if we are receptive to whisperings from the Holy Ghost, and she described how praying should help us desire to serve one another.
After this amazing talk we had a few more minutes left and I thought that we’d finish up with a hymn and end 3 minutes early.  But no, my companion then called me up to give my talk.  I had spent the morning having my companion help me translate a story that I wanted to tell from english to understandable Russian.  The story was about the time when our family was driving to church, at the intersection of Pump and Broad, when a pickup truck lost all of its lumber that it was carying.  My dad, without delay told us that we should help him and my mom should drive the rest of the family to church.  We hopped out of the car with our white shirts and ties and proceeded to help him reload his truck.  Then the Pericle’s joined us, and then some other church members. Then someone suddenly picked us up when we were done and took us to church.  It was a fun talk to give because the people listening figured out pretty soon that because of the complex grammar and the very Russian way I was telling the story it was obvious that Elder Ignatyev helped me translate it, and they all really enjoyed the story and my message that we should all look for opportunities to serve one another.
Then we headed off to Zone Conference after Sacremement Meeting.  The Conference was centered on the Mission goal to complete the goal at the beginning of the year to have 144 baptisms. We have 64 to go, so the whole mission is pulling together and working and sacrificing more than we have all year to do everything we can to allow this goal to happen.
Oh yeah. And we got to Zone Conference only to hear that the Assistants forgot to bring our mail. So it’ll be another, probably 3 weeks until I get mail.  I should get it when I go on my Visa trip, which will be Nov 11 to Helsinki.  Parents– what is that cousins name who is serving in Helsinki?
Well I’m running out of time.
Michael, thanks for the pic– made my day.Justin, thanks for the newsletter– haven’t read it yet but its on my camera so itl’ll get read today later. did you ever get the letter that I sent?

Love Elder Froelich

Chocolate Game

Chocolate Game


Chocolate Game


Chocolate Game




Magic Fire


Tyler with Ira

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