Russia Week 4

Shout out to Hayley– Happy Birthday!!! 😀 Sorry that I didn’t keep up the constant writing to you while I was in the MTC… and now its super limited. But anyways, I hope you have a great birthday. Fyi a lot of Russians see your pictures when I show them pictures that my mom sent from Jenna’s wedding 🙂

Ok, I’m going to keep this one short this week.

Our two most interested investigators, Ksyousha and Ira set a baptismal date– it’s far off in the future (the 23 of oct), but still, it’s there. They’re still very excited and involved in all of our meetings that we have with them.

On monday we had FHE. It was just about to be a really awkward FHE just because of the three men that had showed up and us four missionaries and it was looking like that was going to be all….. when suddenly Ksyousha and Ira showed up and saved the day. We had a sprititual thought that the other elders had been trying to do for the past 3 weeks (but there weren’t enough people at the activity they had planned it for, or other things kept coming up) where one of them does a certain amount of push ups for everyone present so that everyone gets a piece of candy. Even if they don’t want the candy, the elder has to do the push ups. It turned out really well, actually, and I think it was a pretty meaningful spriritual thought for everyone there. It relates to the atonement of Christ– how he suffered for us all, regardless if we make use of the Atonement or not.

Then, after the spritual thought, Dad, I explained your game where you fold a paper into fourths and draw in the first fourth of the page a head of a figure, fold it back so no one can see it, and pass it on and start to draw the next section of the figure that someone else started. I don’t know if I’ve ever played that game in a more successful setting. After we played it the first time and opened all the papers, EVERYONE was laughing hard and having a lot of fun. They loved it so much that we played a second round of the game, which quickly got much more abstract than the first round. But everyone was very involved and laughing and it was a very successful Family Home Evening.

Some other good news: we got a call yesterday informing us of the address of the building that the office in Moscow is going to rent for us to have a meeting house! 🙂 So its just a matter of time now of how quickly the paper work can get done.

Thank you all for your emails, they were very encouraging and fun to read. The long ones I just took pictures of and haven’t read yet, so if I didn’t reply to something you asked me, that might be the case– I’ll reply next week if I can remember.

I’m pretty sure they’re forwarding all of the letters that were sent to me at the MTC shortly after I left– i’ve gotten one so far, and in a couple more weeks I should get mail.

My companion and I are still in need of good recipes, especially crock pot recipes, or maybe just some general tips on how to use it. Also, mom, could you send your german pancakes recipe? We have one here but it’s not as good as yours. But yeah– still open for hearing more stories and games. Thanks to all who have sent me some already, I’ll let you know how they worked out when we try them.

Dad, yes, i can receive pictures so you or anyone else can send pictures to me through this gmail account.

Also, shout out to Justin Geldzahler– your email was mad long so i just finished it. Thanks– that actually meant a lot to me. You’ve got a letter coming to you in the mail with about a thousand Russian stamps on it– i sent it a couple weeks ago. Miss you a lot, it was really awesome to hear from you. Take care.


Elder Froelich

2 Responses to Russia Week 4

  1. Raiha Howard says:

    Hey Elder Froelich, it’s great to be able to read your updates here and know how your mission work is going. The girls just started back again with their piano lessons with Chris Jewkes. He was pleasantly surprised that they had practiced somewhat over the summer (he was in utah the whole summer doing an internship) so didn’t have to start from scratch with them. Chyenne has decided she want’s to be able to sight read so he’s going to help her with that. Tiana wanted to stop with the classical but he’s said he’ll help her with the contemporary if she keeps it up. I support him because we all know that if you can play classical you can play anything. Randell struggles because she hates practicing so I have to get tougher with her but she thrives on praise so i’ll just have to give her more of it. Here’s a game for FHE. You need a big bar of chocolate, a plastic fork and knife and some dice. The trick is to roll a pair of doubles with the dice. Whoever rolls the doubles, gets to cut a piece of the chocolate. You just go around the room trying to roll the dice for the chocolate. Maybe your families prefer something other than chocolate as incentive. To make it a little more complicated you could always have a set of clothes they have to put on before they can cut into the chocolate. Sis Howard

    • tylerfroelich says:


      Tyler tried out your ‘chocolate game’ for FHE. You can see some of the photos on this week’s blog. Thanks for reaching out to him!


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