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Leaving for the MTC

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  1. Beth Bertonneau says:

    Hello Elder Froelich,

    I just found your blog address on the program today at church. I have tons of FHE, game ideas, etc. for you (btw I’m YW President now). One fun one you can use is the Farm game. Since there is a language barrier, you could put your artistic skills to use and draw an animal on an index card (draw the same animal on two cards). Pass out the cards, have everyone look at their animal, blindfold everyone and have them find their “mate” by mooing, clucking, barking, etc. I assume the Russians have basically the same sounds as us, maybe not. The winner(s) are the team who find each other first. Let me know how many game ideas you want because I can go on, or can send them to you via snail mail – let me know. Oh, Marie is doing well at BYU, I don’t know if she’s written you yet but I know she got your letter from the MTC and enjoyed it very much.Take care. Love, Sister Bertonneau

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